Arraiolos stitch framed handmade embroidery...

... is new way of working the Arraiolos stitch - double cross stitch . Using cotton string on aida-sabric and crafting always the Arraiolos stitch, I handmade a embroidery – put between two sheets of plexiglass and a frame – is showed in a wall. Firstly I selected the mosaics and made a chromatic study. Secondly I made the master pattern of witch one to be craft in Arraiolos stitch. Finally I handcraft the bordarie spending, in average, one and half month per Quadro. This work of re-invention and execution of the master pattern to Arraiolos stitch is personal and exclusive and cannot be reproduced without my express consent. All the master patterns are duly registered with Inspecção Geral da Actividades Culturais. Each Quadro has a label - on which the work’s name and the author are identified - an axe seal and is followed with a certificate including the symbol recognizing Handcraft Productive Unit.