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Conímbriga Mosaics

Centauro Marinho ®

centauro Golden
Anchor Trophy


adn Citation in
Coats contest

Centro Entrelaçado ®

center Citation in
Coats contest

Minotauro ®

minotauro First prize - ex-aequo -
Famalicão handcraft Fair

Cruzes ®

minotauro Citation in FIALISBOA:
best piece of
contemporary craft


1990 – Started handcraft with - Quadros a ponto de Arraiolos ( Arraiolos stitch framed handmade embroidery ) based on mosaics of Conímbriga.

1992 Secretary of State for Culture classified this work as – remarkable cultural interest – fit for Art sponsorship.

1998 - Golden Anchor Trophy to Centauro Marinho®.

2005 - Citation in Coats contest to ADN.

2006 - Citation in Coats contest to Centro Entrelaçado® and First prize Famalicão handcraft Fair - ex-aequo - to Minotauro®.

2008 - Design and handcrafting Arraiolos stitch tapestry: Minos Tauro®.

2015 - Citation in FIALISBOA: best piece of contemporary craft Cruzes®.

2016 - Starting MiniatuRugs.

2022 - I joined Homo Faber Guide - The Michelangelo Foundation.